Our Cuban festival calendar can offer many different events as an additional highlight during your holidays in Cuba. On this site you will find an overview of the most important Cuban festivals 2016:

Salsa Carnival - Carnavales en Cuba

5th to 28th February in Havana
Every year in all cities between Pinar del Rio on the Cuban west coast and Baracoa on the east coast, guests can enjoy the Cuban carnival. A special highlight this year will be the first edition of the Salsa Carnival in Havana.

25th International book fair Havana - Feria Internacional del Libro
11th to 21st February 2016 in Havana
The biggest book fair takes place every year in Havana.

Festival Internacional del Habano
29th February to 4th March in Havana
End of February/beginning of March the tobacco festival is a recommended place to visit in Havana. It is one of the most importent international tobacco events for tobacco experts and lovers.
Further information: http://www.habanos.com/es/festival-habanos-noticias/

14th International “Barrel-fair” in Memoriam of Guillermo Barreto
1st to 6th March 2016 in Havana
Very important national and international musicians and dancers, jazz groups as well as folkoric artists participate every year at this famous event.
Further information: http://www.fiestadeltambor.cult.cu/

22nd International Meeting of Ballet Teaching Academies and 14th Contest for Young Ballet Dancers
20iest March to 3rd April 2016 in Havana
These activities are the stage for exchange of national and international ballet-specialists, professors, students and dancers to develop and promote the Cuban ballet. Furthermore there are held different presentations during these events.

21st International May Festival
2nd to 8th May 2016 in Holguin
During May the picturesque city of Holguin becomes the meeting point for different artists. Every year the famous folk festival attracts many visitors from near and far.

May of Theaters 2016
13th to 22nd May 2016 in different Cuban provinces
Presented by the culture center "Casa de las Americas" guests can enjoy different national productions. Furthermore there are different meetings of actors and directors as well as theater fanatics during these dates.
Further information: www.casadelasamericas.org

International Cubadisco fair 2016
14th to 22nd May 2016 in Havana (Teatro Nacional, Karla Marx Theater, Sala Avenida and Casa del Alba Cultural)
The international music exhibition Cubadisco is a meeting point for musicians, producers and music lovers. The objecitve of the fair is the exchange, cooperation and development of the Cuban music industry. Every year the CUBADISCO award is lend and guests can visit different exhibitions, concerts and one has the possibility to meet international musicians.

36st Festival of the Caribbean (Fire party) - Festival de la Cultura Caribe
3rd to 9th July 2016 in Santiago de Cuba
The Caribbean Culture Festival takes place every year in Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo. A wonderful event with many artists from all over the Caribbean.

Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba
21st to 27th July 2016 in Santiago de Cuba
The most beautiful and most interesting carnival in Cuba takes place every year in Santiago de Cuba. An ample float parade, which transports the carnival queens, percussion-bands and many other attractions impress the visitors each year.

3rd Cuban culture festival „HABANARTE“
10th to 21st September in Havana
An interesting culture and art event in Havana. Different dance- and folkloric groups present their art. Furthermore the national Cuban ballet will fascinate all visitors with a spectacular show. Guests also can enjoy different art exhibitions and other cultural events.

22nd Ibero-American culture festival
24th to 30iest October 2016 in Holguin
A wonderful event, where many cultural concerts, exhibitions, workshops and parties are offered. This years themes are: culture, history, identification as well as social thinking.

25th International Ballet-Festival Alicia Alonso
28th October to 7th November 2016 in Havana
The international ballet-festival exists already since 1960 and takes place every other year in the end of October/beginning of November at the Gran Teatro of Havana.

Jazz Plaza Festival 2016, 32nd edition
16th to 19th November 2016 in Havana
Since 1978 the Jazz Plaza Festival is held every other year in Havana. It is one of the most famous international Jazz festivals for lovers of the Latin jazz genre.

21st Festival Benny Moré
24th to 27th November 2016 in Cienfuegos
Meeting point of art and culture. Visitors enjoy different dance, traditional culture, street theater or popular dance performances.

38th International Festival of the new Latin American movie
1st to 11th December 2016 in Havana
Every December since 1979 the international festival of the most important Latin American movies attracts many art fanatics to visit the Cuban capital.

Festival Internacional Boleros de Oro
June 2017 in Havana
Every other year the international Bolero festival takes place in the Cuban capital.
Further information: http://goo.gl/EMqL9u

Festival calendar
Every month, you can find a current overview of all the festivals and fairs with many details of forthcoming events in our digital event calendar:  WhatsOn Havana.