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Kuba Incentive Reise (November 2013)

Hello my dear friends Basha & Sabine,
It’s been a while since we talked last time and to be honest, I must tell you I miss our emails and our phone conversations.
I’m happier than I had the privilege to work with you. The group came back last Friday and they can’t stop talking about you and wonderful Cuba. Everything went well and way beyond the expectation. Everyone came back so pleased from the service they get in Cuba and it is all because of you! I do not know what we’d do without you, so I write you this email to say a huge thank you! Thanks for all the hours, attention, caring, and most of all Thank you for being there for us. No doubt I find my partners in Cuba!
It was a pleasure, and I’m looking forward to our next cooperation.
Sincerely yours,
H.L/ Israel

Honeymoon-Journey Cuba (August 2011)

You quite simply knocked it out of the park for my clients. They absolutely LOVED their honeymoon and wrote me the most lovely note thanking me.
They have promised to refer anyone they know looking for Cuba travel so I hope to be able to work together again. Thank you so much for offering above and beyond experiences for my clients!!
K.M. / Canada

Bike Tour April/May 2011 in Cuba

Dear Jaime
We are all back safely in Zurich although there was a delay in our flight from Paris to Zurich so that we arrived at home only at 6 pm on Sunday. It was quite a long trip home though.
In the name of the Hadjimina and Esslinger families I would like to thank you once again for the outstanding services you provided to us during our 2 weeks stay in Cuba. Our families did many trips in many countries in the past, always supported by local guides and you are among the finest and best guides we met until today. You did far more for us than we could have expected, you were always ready to make "the extra mile" in order to make our stay very special, you connected very well with all 11 members of our group (be it the youngsters or the "elderly" like me), you always gave us the feeling to be absolutely safe and that things are under full control. Your great organizational skills made sure that everything went according to our (and the agency’s) plans and because of your planning in advance we never had to experience "the unexpected" (although we were prepared in our minds that sometimes in Cuba you have to be flexible). The very special attention you gave to every single one of our group on every single day of our trip (like for example Nicola at her birthday), your very good language skills and your high knowledge about the history and culture of Cuba made it possible for all of us to learn so much about Cuba and the soul of its citizens.
Without you, dear Jaime, our journey through this very particular, beautiful country with its friendly and open minded people would not have been what it was: An outstanding and unforgettable experience. Certainly we will recommend your services to all of our friend who will visit Cuba in the future and to bike adventure tours, and of course we will contact you when we will come to Cuba again.
Please feel free to use this email as a recommendation letter.
We wish you all the very best for all your future undertakings and hope to keep in touch with you!
Kind regards
T. E. / Switzerland

Journey to Cuba (April 2011)

It sounds like you have set up an amazing week in Havana for my parents they seem to have had an incredible time – am really looking forward to hearing about it properly when they get back..their feedback has been amazing of Cuba Real tours they said you really looked after them and they’ve had the most amazing time – everything was organized really well – they loved most the restaurants booked for them and said the tours were brilliant… So thanks so much for organizing a great trip and for all the great tour suggestions…
A.J. / U.K.

Cuba Trip (November 2010)

I would like to say – THANK YOU
We all had a great time in the amazing CUBA. Our local guide Liber Reyes was fantastic!! Took great care of us, was very helpful and informative. He was a true pleaser. The trip itself was great. Cuba Real Tours is professional and took care of every little detail. I was happy with hotels and bus. The only thing I am changing is in the plan itself. I am taking out Varadero! It is NOT Cuba! I am adding one night in Cienfuegos and from Trinidad we will go back to Habana for one last night!! So as I said – thank you all for everything!!
Best regards
A.S. / Israel

Famtrip Travel Agents October 2010 to Cuba

I am amazed at the many special moments we enjoyed over the last few days. It was one surprise after another. I couldn’t choose one that I enjoyed more as there were many surprises. Meeting Raul Corrales, Amadito Valdes, Zenaida Romeu & the Camerata Romeu and having the chance to visit Jose Fuster and his home. Thank you for showing us all that Havana has to offer, giving us tastes of music, art, history, food and spending time with us. I do know how much work and effort it took to arrange all of these and tour the city while visiting hotels. An amazing feet for all involved.I enjoyed the train ride and visit to Hershey. It was a fascinating story and will someday be a highlight of Cuba…One of the biggest surprises was the private restaurants. I could have spent many nights visiting them all..
S.F. / Canada

It was truly outstanding and completely over the top...I am so grateful. Cindy
C.D. / Canada

I want to "Thank You" and your amazing colleagues for putting together one of the most memorable fams and educational fams that I have experienced. I had the opportunity to learn, taste, see sights and hear sounds that were beyond my expectations. Cuba and particularly Havana with all its complexities can offer my clients a unique encounter with a fantastic country. Most importantly are the warm, friendly people of Cuba. I could not think of one thing that could have made this trip better. I would not hesitate to call you and your team for any product to Cuba…”
S.K. / Canada

I have been aware of Cuba Real Tours for a few years, since they have been regulars at ILTM. They will be there again next week in Cannes. For any Travel Network agents attending, please drop by to tell them you heard great things about their services in Cuba. More than all-inclusive resorts, Cuba Real Tours’ expertise is in introducing the great cultural side of Cuba
C.T. / Canada

I speak for myself only but know many share my thoughts - we had a great time! … It was all first class - and fascinating, and fun - just what we want to offer our clients…M.T. / Canada

Havana Connaisseur (21.03. - 28.03.10.)

A day before yesterday I met my client to discuss his trip to Cuba. And I would like to express my gratitude for a very good job! He and his wife were both very happy with the hotels, their guide in Havana and all the program! I was a bit worried, as you noticed, because this is a new client for me. And I am so happy, everything went perfectly well!
Thank you very much! And until the next time! I am sure, I will have more clients for you. Best regards
I.B. / Lithuania